Thursday, March 25, 2010


ArtOrder had a sort of mini-challenge recently, the idea being your take on the Eye Tyrant, more commonly known as a 'Beholder'.   I submitted a speed-paint of an old-school Beholder;  more armored sphere of eyes than the angry floating skull of doom type made popular by Todd Lockwood.

Afterwards I got to thinking I wasn't quite done with the whole Beholder theme just yet.   I felt like there was at least another Beholder painting in me that needed to see the light of day.  This time around, I wanted the Beholder to look a bit more scary... like something you definitely don't want to meet while spelunking the UnderDark, yet still retain something of the old school Beholder.   I'll probably tweak it some more here and there, but I think the Beholder urge has been satisfied with this piece...for now.