Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shameless back pattin'...

Back in January,  I was given a 2 page spread in ImagineFX magazine.  I didn't find out about it a few weeks later, and it took longer to get my copy of the issue.   It's nothing you can't see on my website, but still...  It's nice to see your art showcased in a publication that supports this particular art community and helps it thrive.

You can still buy a copy, just click the image to order.  It's the January issue, #66.  Look for me in the Fxpose section!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some 'Thing' new...

Been feeling the itch to do a super hero image or two, and I'm having trouble making up my mind on who to pick.  There's just so many to choose from.  Another problem is, I can't remember the last time I picked up a comic.  Much as I still love the genre, I'm woefully out of touch with who's new, who got a make-over etc.

    I figure I'll go old school, and see what that brings.  One of my possibles is good ol' Ben Grimm, aka The Thing...a rock solid choice I think.  (pun very intended)  Not much different in the overall appearance, though I decided to go with a layered sediment effect for his rocky you'd see in the Grand Canyon walls or shale quarry, instead of the usual broken up chunks of rocks.   Just sketches so far...still haven't decided who I'd like to paint...maybe!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have Blog, will update...

Thought I'd end this year by completing something I started earlier on.  So many distractions this year, and the fun projects end up getting put to the shelf and forgotten.   It's a Dunkleosteus, probably my all time favorite prehistoric fish (you can keep your megalodons).   This guy's teeth look like they did some serious shearing, and with all that armor plating up front, Dunkleosteus took as well as he gave.

Most portrayals of Dunkleosteus favor the 'ancient shark' approach, but I lean more toward the 'finned appendage' crowd, so I decided to make him look less a shark and more fish.  In fact, I was heavily influenced by Big Mouth Bass; used to love fishing for them at my aunt's in the summer.   They're a good choice, as there's a bit of similarity between the Denkleosteus and the Big Mouth Bass as far as their head plating and gill structure go.  Anyways...Happy New Year, more updates to come!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm on the hunt, I'm after you...

I had this idea of a Hunter image, but maybe with a bit of storytelling involved.  At first glance, a Hunter stalks his prey.  But there's more.  This is not a Hunter in the usual sense; no bow, no spear...but swords instead.  This isn't about food, it isn't about capture;  it's about death.   Blood has been shed, and this hunter bears arms to slay his quarry...for vengeance most likely.  But as he closes in on his prey, so his prey draws ever closer to him.   Who then, is the Hunter..and the Hunted?
It occurs to me that being a freelancer is very much like being a Hunter.  You're out stalking the wilds of the world,  portfolio/weapon in hand hoping to bag that elusive Client who will provide sustenance for you and your least until the next hunt.   Interesting world, innit?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't be Koi with me...

The latest results of my gene-splicing experiments for the Mutation Nation challenge over at ArtOrder.  It's a melding of a Japanese Koi fish and a gorilla, a 'Koirilla' as it were.   The colors are a bit nuclear for my tastes, but I suppose that's natural given the post-apocalyptic setting of Gamma World, for which this challenge is based.  

Had a lot of fun with this one, and I'm really liking the ala prima approach I've been using these past few paintings.  It's much freer, more spontaneous and a bit frightening at times, but it keeps things interesting.

Alas, my gene-splicing experiments must come to an end ...for now.  The deadline's sunday and I'm away for the weekend.   Koirilla...gasping for breath at a toxic waste swamp near you.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The other other white meat...

My latest experiment in gene splicing for ArtOrder's "Mutation Nation" challenge.  Consider it my contribution to solving world hunger.  Part Wart Hog, Part Rhino, it's big, it's delicious with a bit of foul temper.  It's Swineocerous...the other other white meat!

On a side note: Big ups to Jon Schindehette over at ArtOrder for his regular art challenges.  Not only do they inspire the creative juices, it's a fun way for our little community to get involved and interact with each other.  He's truly a gift and inspiration to artists everywhere, and I for one, am thankful for his tremendous generosity.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


ArtOrder had a sort of mini-challenge recently, the idea being your take on the Eye Tyrant, more commonly known as a 'Beholder'.   I submitted a speed-paint of an old-school Beholder;  more armored sphere of eyes than the angry floating skull of doom type made popular by Todd Lockwood.

Afterwards I got to thinking I wasn't quite done with the whole Beholder theme just yet.   I felt like there was at least another Beholder painting in me that needed to see the light of day.  This time around, I wanted the Beholder to look a bit more scary... like something you definitely don't want to meet while spelunking the UnderDark, yet still retain something of the old school Beholder.   I'll probably tweak it some more here and there, but I think the Beholder urge has been satisfied with this piece...for now.