Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have Blog, will update...

Thought I'd end this year by completing something I started earlier on.  So many distractions this year, and the fun projects end up getting put to the shelf and forgotten.   It's a Dunkleosteus, probably my all time favorite prehistoric fish (you can keep your megalodons).   This guy's teeth look like they did some serious shearing, and with all that armor plating up front, Dunkleosteus took as well as he gave.

Most portrayals of Dunkleosteus favor the 'ancient shark' approach, but I lean more toward the 'finned appendage' crowd, so I decided to make him look less a shark and more fish.  In fact, I was heavily influenced by Big Mouth Bass; used to love fishing for them at my aunt's in the summer.   They're a good choice, as there's a bit of similarity between the Denkleosteus and the Big Mouth Bass as far as their head plating and gill structure go.  Anyways...Happy New Year, more updates to come!


  1. wow - I really like the solidity of the form on the fish. The style reminds me of a car or spaceship.

  2. interesting that you mention the vehicles, because I've always imagined Dunkleosteus looked like and probably hit like a Bus