Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shameless back pattin'...

Back in January,  I was given a 2 page spread in ImagineFX magazine.  I didn't find out about it a few weeks later, and it took longer to get my copy of the issue.   It's nothing you can't see on my website, but still...  It's nice to see your art showcased in a publication that supports this particular art community and helps it thrive.

You can still buy a copy, just click the image to order.  It's the January issue, #66.  Look for me in the Fxpose section!


  1. Nice work lu always a fan of your work illustration and sculpture.

  2. Lu, you can't outdo yourself. The Best is it's own limitation. And you're the Best!

  3. I cant believe you are gone. Miss you sooooo much!!

    1. I miss you so so much, no amount of glue can ever put together my broken heart. You will forever remain my inspiration. I love you may you be in GODS glory and may you rest in peace.

  4. RIP Ti-o ! God knows how much I miss and need you .... oh goddd.... I love you and you were and are soo amazing.

  5. I am honored to know that Lu was proud to have me as his Lil Big brother. See you at the crossroads Lu. Love You...Miss you more

  6. For some reason, Lu and his artwork popped into my mind this morning. When I searched his name , I was happy to find his work was still available for viewing. He was such a great artist and so much fun to be around. He posted this exactly 7 years ago, too. Hello, Lu. You left a beautiful path for others to follow.