Thursday, December 24, 2009

Full Circle...

What a year it's been.   When January 2009 first loomed on the horizon, I decided I wanted a fresh start with my art.   New portfolio, all digital.  Easy enough, since I've revamped my portfolio a number of times over the years.  2-3 months, and I'd be golden.  Riiight.

Well, it turned out that creating digital art is in many ways completely different from traditional mediums, and I quickly learned I would literally be starting over from scratch.  Not only with a new portfolio, but with a new paint medium, of which I knew barely anything about.  I also realized this wasn't going to happen in a couple of months.  I gave myself a tight deadline.  By year's end I needed to learn enough about digital painting to produce decent art, and a finished portfolio. 

Throughout the whole process, I joined a few forums, where I encountered alot of great and generous people who shared much of their experience and insight as to not only technique, but the industry of illustration as a whole.  The folks over at are amazing, and artists like Daarken, Dave Rapoza,  Bobby Chiu,  Todd Lockwood...all very generous with their time.  Jon Schindehette over at Art Order...who I think should be nominated for saint hood.  Great people, and I owe them all big time...even if they don't know it.

Anyways...I ramble.  The website's up...all new, all digital.  Link's over to the right. 

It's been a journey...but what a journey it's been.

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