Monday, February 8, 2010

Cleanup, Aisle 3!

Doing some much needed maintenance on my various image files.  A little editing, but mostly arranging, deleting extraneous reference and interim saves which are no longer needed.  Painting digitally is no different from traditionally in this sense.  When I used to paint in oils, after each painting, there was always the cleaning of the work space, the clearing away of the dreck that inevitably builds up around you while you're in 'the zone' and can't be bothered to toss that empty chicken nuggets box so it actually goes into the garbage instead of the floor.  Or the crumpled rolls of masking tape stuck to your taboret etc.
      The cleanup is important though...even digitally.  It frees up memory and space on your drive, sure.  But it also preps you mentally for the next image...refreshes your perspective, as it were.  On a side note, I admit it...I got lazy with the cityscape behind my original Dragon King image, and it's been haunting my dreams ever since.  So today I buckled down and revised it.  Still not 100%, as non-organic forms are kryptonite for me, but I'm determined to change that by and by.  Original's on the right.

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