Monday, February 22, 2010

I need it bad....

Art is truly an addiction.  Earlier today,  I underwent some intense oral surgery.  I had 2 impacted wisdom teeth that simply had to be removed and complication after complication arose during the procedure; one of the teeth cracks, another is fused to the jawbone, not enough novocaine et etc.  What at all does this have to do with art, you ask? 

Well, throughout the harrowing experience, I remained fairly calm and relaxed, much to the surprise of the doctor.  He later commented on this,  to which I responded "Just thinking good thoughts Doc".   What I was actually thinking of was a painting I'm working on, and how much fun I'm having with it, and how I can't wait to get home and start working on it some more.    It's an image of Cthulhu, High Priest of the Old Ones from H.P. Lovecraft's mythos.  

I've decided to post one of the abandoned, unfinished versions.  The image itself has given me no small amount of frustration, and the current version I'm working on is the third attempt.   But I love the character,  I love the lore behind it and most of all, I love love love art.


  1. Ahh sorry to hear about the nasty dental work... Lovely art though! :)

  2. Thanks Cookie! I posted the final draft of Cthulhu, and I hope you like that one even better :)